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I've been tagged by :iconkeytee-chan:.

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
6. Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8. No tag-backs
10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry

(If you wonder, where is 5 and 9, they were removed some time ago. 5 says "Go to their page to inform them they have been tagged.", which is pointless, everyone knows when you use their icon. 9 says "You can't say that you don't do tags." And that was mean. Then again many people screw rule nr 7 too.)

1 I'm 20 years old, yet I still don't eat some vegetables and stuff. :/
2 I have a twin brother, we share our TG interest
3 There are show I hate (like Ultimate Spider-man cartoon), but I'm not part of any hate-club. Seriously, it's stupid.
4 I never swear.
5 I can shake my eyes. I know it sounds weird, but it's a unique ability, so far I know only few people who can do that.
6 I have two primary goals in life 1 Have a stable and comfortable life. I don't need to see the world or be rich, I just want to avoid troubles and never worry about not having a job and stuff. 2 Create something cool and popular. Like make reviews, web comic or (most realistically) write stories that many people would love. If I'll ever be so popular that I will have a small group of fans that will impatiently wait for my next update, I believe I will be happy.
7 I don't like shaving. I don't like having beard either. :(
8 I'm so shy that even having small talk with people can be a challenged. It doesn't help that I don't drink and don't like partying all night.
9 Until recently I didn't had consoles, all games I played on PC. Heck, when I was 13 I only knew about gameboy.
10 Sometimes I wish I was born in USA, you guys have many cool stuff. But one complain: why your language need so many grammatical tenses?

1 My favorite Sonic characters are 5 Marine 4 Chaos 3 Knuckles 2 Shadow 1 Metal Sonic. Favorite cartoon character: Sonia and Manic. Favorite Archie character: Elias. Also I'm not much of a shipper, but my favorite couples: Sonic/Amy (only thanks to Flynn), Knuckles/Rouge, Silver/Blaze, Antoine/Bunnie, Shard/Nicole.
2 "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" was meh, not chorible, but not good either. "Sonic Satam" is overrated. "Underground" was surprisingly better,  and I'm mixed about "Sonic X".
3 I wish Sonic was more serious like in old days. Yes, even Shadow the Hedgehog and '06, but mostly Adventure games. I bet that upcoming Sonic reboot, Sonic cartoon and movie will be as childish as recent games.
4 I also wish that Sonic's friend had bigger roles and were playable, but I have to admit that Sonic Generations and Colors had better gameplay than Adventure games. For me that means that other characters have to be playable similarly to Sonic, not give them stupid gimmicks.
5 I think that Ian Flynn made Sonic comics much better, even though I see some of his flaws. Lately he got worse, but I blame reboot and all things related to that subject.
6 I know I'm biased here and I don't want to villainise Penders for suing Archie, but his demands were silly, Lara-Su Chronicles look like a failure and over all his writing wasn't really good most of the time. Most of his characters were much better under Flynn's pen (ex. Lien-Da, Dimitri, Geoffrey).
In his defense he did created Elias and I noticed that Flynn (intensionally? Ordered by Archie?  I don't know.) made few thing that could to hurt Penders (made Locke real jerk and killed him off, removed most of echindas, made Dark Legion Eggman's lackeys etc.)
7 I'm surprised that so little people know about Sonic's other comic, "Sonic The Comic" published by Fleetway. It's dead now, so I think Archie should try to get characters from there to them, to fill space after reboot.
8 Sonic Adventure DX on PC was my first Sonic game and one of my first games in general.
9 I don't hate Sonic '06. Big chunk of it is horrible, but it isn't worst game ever, there are few good elements [Silver, (character, not game-play), Mephiles, music etc.]
10 I know that Sonic's fan base can be horrible, but you know what? We did some amazing stuff too. Webcomices, parodies, fan games. We can be pretty awesome.
Examples: SomeCallMeJohnny (reviewer from youtube), Nazo Unleash (video on youtube), Not enough Rings (webcomic),  Project Unleash (mod for Generations), The Doomed Shadow Show (parody of Shadow the Hedgehog game).

1. Do you wish yourself (if you're a girl) or your girlfriend to be 50's housewfe?
Not really, but I'm bad with cooking, so it would be nice if I didn't have to do this.
2. If you're a girl, would you like to merge with a male into male?
I'm a guy. But gender switching that question my answer would be no. It would be cool to be able to change into a girl at will, but overall I'm a guy.
3. Sailor Moon or PreCure?
Never heard about second one.
4. Fist of the North Star or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?
Never heard about both.
5. Stand (JJBA) or Persona (Shin Megami Tensei Persona)?
I heard that Persona is really good, but that's it.
6. Warcraft of Starcraft?
Warcraft. I'm more into middle ages fantasy than future.
7. Castlevania or Ghost n' Goblins?
Didn't played that much of them, but as far I know Castlevania is cooler. I mean, they have Alucard.
8. Street Fighter or Tekken?
More of Mortal Kombat, but I guess Street Fighter.
9. Lipstick or Lip Gloss?
Definitely lipstick! ...what?
10. Pixar's UP or What's Up Baloon to the Rescue?
"Up" is on my list of movie "must watch". Never heard of the second one, but quick googling isn't promising.

My Questions
1 Favorite Sonic/Ben 10/Danny Phantom/MLP/comic book characters? If you don't know those show just point characters from your favorite franchises.
2 What's the smartest quotes/lessons/messages you ever learn?
3 What would make you really, really happy?
4 One show/book/game/etc. you really hate.
5 In theory what would be for you the most perfect TG (by "TG" I mean genderbender OR crossdressing) scenario?
6 Do you know any good TG stories?
7 What do you think about TG captions? Are they creative or lazy?
8 Is deaviantart your primary source of Tg pics/stories/whatever or do you know other sites?
9 Do you believe in any supernatural forces?
10 If you remember times before Internet, how was it? If not, have you ask anyone your close ones about it? If not how do you imagine live was back then. Better, worse?

For fun I will answer those myself
1 Sonic: look above
Ben 10: Tetrax, Darkstar, Albedo, from Ben's aliens Diamondhead
Danny Phantom: Skulker, Walker, Vlad, Jazz
MLP: Discord, from main six Rarity (Twilight and Fluttershy being almost as good)
Comics: Bane (Batman), Dr Octopus (Spiderman), Kang (Avengers)
Other: Alejandro, Harold, Courtney (Total Drama), Razer (Green Lantern cartoon), Illidan (Warcraft), Lisa (The Simpsons), Pearl (Steven Universe), Wario (Mario), Cyborg (Teen Titans cartoon), Red Mage (8-bit Theather), Abel, Jyrras (DMFA).
2 I can't exactly quote it, but "Sword of Truth" book series by Terry Goodkind taught me that all lessons, rules and stuff can be wrong, especially in different context then author planned. I have my mind and I must make my own decisions by thinking, not by following Bible or something like that.
Also: Fail Faster It's about more than just video games.
3 If I made great stories. Or was rich, it might not buy happiness, but surely makes life easier.
4 Latest Marvel cartoons (Ultimate Spider-man, Agents of Smash, Avengers Assemble). I wouldn't hate them that much but we had some very good ones before and now they all suck.
5 Getting Forced crossdress into realistic and hot disguise (giant boobs, lots of make up). Have to to deal with male's attention, finally getting married to one. I don't really like when mood goes to dark, so keep it in cartoonish, not serious tone. Use Sonic's characters. A lot of kissing, maybe some off screen sex. No brainwashing, but body control can be ok.
6 Few, check my "Stories" subfolder in my favorites (One of them last ones).
7 Mostly lazy and repetitive, but I know few good (again, one of the last subfolders)
8 Not really, a little Furaffinity, mostly from RushEloc.
9 I don't, BUT I'm excluding option that there are thing we don't understand. I just need a proof for them.
10 Internet showed up when I was kid, so I don't know. It was slow and I mostly used it to play free games on Cartoon Network site, but when I was teenager I already knew about google, youtube and stuff. Now I can't imagine my life without it.

:iconrabbette: :iconcrossdressprincess: :iconmatthew18044: :iconwolfdarkness: :iconjigglyking20: :iconjklfdsajkl: :iconkalahee: :iconshinnokraiden: :iconashleylex:
Last one I leave open. If you want it can be you. (Yes, you. Exactly you).


Zizum's Profile Picture
TG fan
A guy who really likes Gender Bender/Crossdressing stuff, and something I call "Force Shipping" (also know as "Abhorrent Admirer" on TV tropes), you know things like Pepe le Pew, Fifi la Fume or Pucca.
Also I love cartoons. Danny Phantom, Ben 10, Avatar Aang, too many too count. I also love superheroes (Spider-man, X-men, Batman etc.), but my favorite fictional character of all times is Sonic the Hedgehog :love:!
I live in Warsaw (Poland, middle Europe), age 20 (sorry that I'm not displaying it above. I made this account when I was 16 and I wanted to check mature pics ^^;) I'm rather shy person, most of time spending on the internet.
Also I'm very greedy :D. If you're willing to make a free request, know that I will find you :plotting:

Unfortunately I'm not an artist, so I try everything else.
First I was faving tons of tg stuff and I still fave a lot. Seriously, I have like library of them. DA, make option of subfolders, I can't catalog them anymore.
Then I tried a bit of remaking pics in paint, but that kinda sucked. I'm better in coloring, but only in a simple way (no shadows and stuff).
But my real dream is to be a tg writer :meow:. I'm just starting at this (and probably suck a bit) so please, any comment will help me. Even pointing out what I did wrong will be valuable to me.

Big part of my stories will be fanfictions (especially Sonic fanficions) mostly aimed into humor or humor/adventure genre. I have many various stories in mind, but usually characters will be forced into crossdressing (by other people or situation). Alternatively they can disguise themselves to achieve some goal, but they will never enjoy crossdresing as a fetish. That's just how I like it. Then most of storiies will involve doing girly stuff and getting attention form some handsome hunk ^^. Also I'll try to keep my fics as "clean" as possible. No swearing, gore and sex will be only suggested... most of the time. Last thing: I don't use brainwashing. If I will, that'll means that character will get cured, not stay a woman for rest of his life. I mean, where is fun if character is practicly a 100% woman?
For my other fetishes that I may involve in stories: like I mentioned above there is Forced Shipping. More information about it in deviation from my gallery, also called Forced Shipping.
Also I may use tf and I get a little kick out of putting people in diapers (How do you call it, babyfication?), but only combined with tg.

I know I'm not popular enough to worry about stuff like this, but I may as well get it out of the way. I have very little or none experience with those things, but:
- I may try writing short story commissions, but I can't promise to finish it (Also, if I'm in the middle of my own story I'll finish it first). With that you'll be paying me after I finish story, let's say 5$ for now.
- You can send me your ideas for a request, but I doubt I'll do them, unless 1 I'll really, really, like it 2 You made something for me before. Also I'll color pics for free, just remember that I can't do every pic, sketches or very pixeled artwork will look ugly from my hand (Maybe if I work on them very long, who knows).
- I'll be more than happy to participate in Art Trade or Role Play (RP as long as it works with my preferences, so no yaoi). You know, unless I'll be busy with life ^^;

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