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Ben 10 Omniverse: Undercover
Themes: Crossdressing/Adventure/Comedy

Morning in Bellwood

The door from a bank exploded. From inside came out two aliens; one was somewhat human looking green alien, in elegant white fashionable suit with matching hat, like gangsters in old movies used to wore. He carried a strangle glowing orb, size of the basket ball. Second alien had a purple skin. He was really fat, but also three times bigger than his companion. Dumb look on his face leaved no doubt, who's in charge.
"Next time be more careful with explosives, Grunt" said a green alien admiring his orb "I don't want my new toy to have scratches."
"Sorry, boss."
Suddenly a green high-tech motorcycle blocked them a further way. It was Tenn-Speed, a vehicle belonging to Ben Tennyson.
"I'm in the good mood, so I'm giving you a choice." Ben prepared himself to transform "Do you prefer to be electrocuted, frozen or simply beat up?"
"Pff, I don't have time to deal with some simpleton. Grunt! Violence, please."
"Yes, boss."
A giant alien charged at a Ben, but he changed into a Crashhopper and jumped over him.
"Beat up it is." Ben bounced off the wall into the Grunt. However alien belly was so fat that Ben bounced from him back into a wall. Ben repeated assault with no effect.
"Ok, change of plan." Ben pressed a Omnitrix symbol on his chest.
"Four arms!"
Ben hit into Grunt as hard as he could... just to get stuck in his belly.
"Well, that's humiliating. Also: Eeewww."
A purple alien tensed himself and Ben got launched from his body with so much force, that he broke through few walls. Before he got up, thieves were gone.
"Oww, man."

Same day, few hours later.

Ben was on patrol with Rook.
"I can't believe that I let those guys run away." grumble Ben.
"Do not worry Ben" said Rook "I am sure sure you will catch them soon."
"Well... no. I just wanted to be improve your mood. The stolen orb was made of Vakulium. It is very rare and valuable element. If those criminals are smart, they will lay low for now and then leave the
planet to sell it. Most probably we will never see them again."
"Rook, you're not very good in cheering people." sigh Ben "Next time just... wait. It's them!"
Right in next alley, thieves from the bank were sitting in cafe and drinking some alien version of coffee.
"Ben, I would suggest subtle approach"  said Rook.
"Well, I was thinking about..." Ben chosed transformation, but didn't pushed button "...Or you know what? Why don't you pick a alien? The Omnitrix never gives me the one I want anyway"
"Um, OK." Rook chose Stinkfly icon. "I think you should use Lepidopterran."
Rook pushed down button transforming Ben into Rath.
"Huh, that is upsetting."
"Rath told ya! Now, Rath is going to do some subtle pounding!"
Rath jumped out of car and run toward smaller alien, grabbing him and pinning him to wall. Alien stopped his thug before he attacked Ben.
"Slow down, Grunt! We can solve this without endangering me." he turned to Rath "I am Vogarr, ambassador of Akturia and I order you to release me!"
"Order me!?" yelled Rath. "Let me tell you something, Vogarr ambassador of Akturia! Rath does not takes orders from anyone, except that one time when Rath was a waiter, which was long time ago, and is not related to situation! "
"Ben, wait." said Rook "If they do not resist, we can not attack them."
"You're no fun, Rook."  said Ben, transforming back to to human form.
"Better listen to your calm friend. Good to know some Plumbers know how thing work here." Vogarr shake Rook's hand.
"Well it's..." Rook paused, because he noticed wad of money in his hand "What is that?"
"Donation for Plumber forces, of course" said Vogarr with a wink.
"Umm thank you, sir. They will go on good cause." thanked Rook, even though he didn't know how few bucks could help a intergalactic organization.
"Hehehe, I'm sure they will"
"So, can we arrest them now?" asked Ben.
"You see kid, I'm ambassador of planet Akturia and there for I have a political immunity. So with that said I'm afraid I cannot be arrested."
"That's a stupidest thing I've ever heard." commented Ben "First Vilgax can conquer planets and nothing stops him, and now this guy can steal and there is nothing we can do?"
"That is not true. Mister Vogarr, you may have inviolability, but that does not mean you can keep what you stole. Return it immediately."
Alien checked his pockets.
"I'm afraid I have left in embassy."
"Ow... now, there is nothing we can do."
"What? Rook, you can't be serious. They robbed a bank. There are witnesses and stuff."
"That may be or be not true.” interrupted Vogarr “However to prove my theoretical guilt I would have to be put in a trial and that could make relations between our planet more... violent."
"O yeah? If you try, I will..."
"Ben!" Rook interrupted him in middle of the sentence "We are not authorized to make decisions like that. We have to let them go."
"Ugh, fine!" Ben throwed his hands up.
"So, it was nice to meet you, officers." Vogarr pulled out a business card and gave it to Rook. "My embassy is also a casino. Stop by, if you don't know how to spend your bonus."
Vogarr walked away leaving Rook very confused.
"Bonus? I do not understand what he meant."
Ben slapped himself into his forehead.
"Rook, we need to talk about people's morality. On some planets there is something called bribe..."

A half hour later, Plumbers headquarters. Ben and Rook passed report to grandpa Max.
"Magister Tennyson, I am so sorry, I..."
"Easy, Rook." Mac interrupted him. "No one accuses you of anything."
"So, what do we do about this robbery?" asked Ben "We can't just let them get away with it."
"I'm afraid there is little we can do. Akturia doesn't recognize Plumbers authority. To makes matters worse they have very aggressive government. Any interference could cause war."
"Great. We know who bad guys are, where they live, but we can't even go to them, because of some stupid political rules."
"Not necessary. Rook, you said that Vogarr gave you an invitation."
"That is correct, magister."
"In that case, you could go undercover and steal Vakulium orb back."
"Then I'm coming with him."
"No Ben. You don't have an invitation."
"Calm down, grandpa" said Ben with a smile "No one will ever notice me."

A bit later, next to Akturia's embassy.
Ben turned into a Big Chill and tried to fly trough the wall. Unfortunately, building had a special defense system, that released a strong dose of electricity through the walls.
Next he tried a Chamalien, but cameras had infrared vision.
Later Ben changed into Ball Weevil and tried do sneak in, but he get kicked by very muscular Galvan guard.
"OK, a new plan. I'll turn into Bloxx and shape myself like a giant horse. You'll tell them it's a gift. Then..."
"Ben" interrupted Rook. "I do not think it is a good idea."
"But I run out of good ideas like, five transformations ago! You think of something "
"Well, there is a one way. According to my invitation I can have a companion."
"What? Rook, why didn't you said anything earlier?"
"I am not sure how to tell it." Rook sounded embarrassed "My invitation said I can bring someone with me... but it has to be a female."

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Images made by Toongrowner: Scene from Story/Full preview pic   Better look on Ben in a dress   Aliens in dresses

Ben and Rook must infiltrate a casino run by a criminals. Rook has invitation, but Ben is forced to put a unusual disguise. Will it fool anybody? It's first of many crossdressing/gender bender fics I'm planning to write.

This fan fic is a request for :icontoongrowner:, that I'm making for making this awesome pic…. In fact, this fic is based on this deviation.
Anyway, part 2 should be soon.

Ben 10, Rook and Grandpa Max are characters from Ben 10: Omniverse cartoon.
Vogarr and Grunt are OC, and they belong to me.
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ChrisTennyson Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
Um, how do I make one of these? Because I want to write something out but I don't know how.
ChrisTennyson Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
Never mind, I just found out.
cybergal26 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
:giggle: I would just LOVE to see this story line as a Ben 10 Omniverse episode :giggle:
Zizum Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014
Yeah, that wolud be really cool. When I wrote it I thought it was too a bit too crazy for Omniverse, but since then show went a little sillier.

Big thanks for comment.
go14mei Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
this is good please make a part 2
Zizum Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
Second part will (hopefully) be ready next week.
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